Quotes from the User

Ever have a client think that users only say the nicest things? Here's the place to prove them wrong.

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Users will wait for 2 minutes for the website to load as it’s not a website but an experience.
stakeholder meeting

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umm, ive having problems with my email. it wont send this attachment. i think the email system is broken
upper managment user trying to email 700MB video

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I do NOT finger-surf the web, clicking on one out of ten or twenty pages, to wonder ‘What is this thing?’ I don’t have the time to play around with this.
User during UX sessions.

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By "easy" I mean it just did everything for me, I didn’t have to touch a thing!
user responding to an interface animation that used an illustrated hand to simulate interactions.

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So what are your first impressions of this site?
Participant: “Well, it’s not yellow. The other one we looked at was yellow. And I liked that. This one is blue, and really, I just don’t like blue that much. So I wouldn’t use it”.
Participant during a benchmarking excercise as part of a user test.

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I don’t really care if the e-commerce loads the items from a database or if it’s a static page. Just do the website, we’ll make a choice when it’s done.
During a stakeholder interview.

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What do these icons mean, and what would you do to find out?

I have no idea what all that means. I would ignore them.

Usability Test

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It’s ok, but…I definitely couldn’t figure this shit out if I was drunk. Oh—sorry. Is it Ok if I swear?
User testing out a product builder UI.